Stair Lift for STRAIGHT Stairs

Superglide 120 Seated Stairlift

The Superglide 120 is one of the most technologically advanced stairlifts currently available in the marketplace, helping thousands of people all over the world to regain full access to their houses, lofts or apartments. Totally safe, comfortable and simple to use, the stairlift is the perfect solution to difficulties with steps in the open air.

The Superglide was designed exclusively to meet the highest standards of quality, comfort and safety. Our years of experience with the importation, sale and installation of stairlifts has helped us to create a product while always thinking about how to make life easier for you.

The Seated Stairlift is continuously powered by a battery with a DC charge, thereby eliminating maintenance and providing the user with the assurance that his chair will operate even when the supply of electricity to his home is interrupted. "Superglide" signifies smooth starting and stopping where the user will not experience any kind of jolt, so that he can move around with a great deal of comfort and safety; moreover the chair’s silent movement makes it inconspicuous in the home when in full operation.

Another state-of-the-art feature is its digital diagnostics panel which immediately shows the user which safety sensors are being obstructed, thereby permitting any object to be safely removed from its path so that the chair can complete its journey.

Thousands of homes across the world are now benefiting from this stairlift technology, because we at PERSONAL ACCESS know how important your independence is to you!


Tecnical Information
  • Anatomical seat and backrest
  • Easy-to-use controls using a Joystick or distance remote control
  • Safety belt
  • Armrest, footrest and foldable seats that enable you to make better use of the space on your staircase
  • Rotating seat that offers comfort and safety when going up or down stairs
  • ON/OFF switch that allows the user to prohibit other people and even children from using the stairlift in your home
  • Digital panel that informs the user of the diagnostics for the correct use of the equipment
  • Five safety sensors coupled to the footrest and the motor automatically stop the chair if there is any obstacle during the journey
  • Infrared remote controls that allow the user to call or send the chair up or downstairs

OUTDOOR CHAIR - A model exclusively developed to remain outside which is resistant to any type of weather conditions.

Tecnical information table
Motor power 0.25 kw
Motor speed 0.15 m/s
Tracking system Rack and pinion
Torque 108 Nm
Power supply 24v DC (Battery)
Maximum capacity  127 kg
Rail Pressed Aluminum
Voltage 110v or 220v, 50Hz charger