Pool lift

The Pool Lift is the most simple, comfortable solution to enable people with mobility difficulties to get into their swimming pools. 

Manufactured in stainless steel and operated hydraulically, it is perfectly suitable for installation in public or private places.

Simplicity and Safety are the main features of this lift, there is no need for the help of an assistant as its support bars make the user fully self-sufficient.

The auto swivel seat can also be adjusted according to the biotype of each user, and rotates automatically when the lift is moving up or down.


Tecnical Information
  • 100% Hydraulic (powered by water)
  • The user is self-sufficient and independent
  • It does not use electricity nor does it possess any contaminating elements
  • Seat can be disassembled
  • Seat height and position adaptable to the user’s posture
  • Its tubular structure and supporting base offer great stability and firmness, providing greater safety to the user
  • Can be adapted to any swimming pool
  • No BUILDING WORK necessary
  • Fast installation
  • Condition of swimming pool is not important (full, empty, under construction, etc...)
  • Two year warranty
Tecnical information table
Load Capacity 130 Kg
Elevation Height 1067 mm
Max. Elevation Height 1220 mm
Depth 1050 mm
Min. Hydraulic Pressure 4 Bar