Mobile Stair climber

Product in compliance with Federal Decree 5296

Portable stairlift with safety and comfort. 
Allows people in wheelchairs to overcome architectural obstacles both in the home and in the outside world. Designed to go up or down any type of staircase without risking damage to it.

Innovating and Safe thanks to its electronic (Tratogetronic) drive control, it ensures a constant speed in any situation, fully laden, empty, going up or coming down; it assures tranquility of use at all times. It is equipped with a manual descent system that enables the person being carried to be safely removed in the event of an emergency. 

Ergonomic and Functional the Mobile Stair climber guarantees comfort and smoothness every trip, and the occupant can appreciate the stability and ease of locomotion, which functions without any physical effort. 

Tecnical Information
  • Portable equipment resting on wheels and toothed conveyor belts, using electric motor traction powered by a rechargeable cyclical battery with chain drive.
  • Dimensions: 95.7cm long by 40cm wide.
  • Moveable metal steering column with rubber coating and safety controls.
  • Frame dimensioned for carrying wheelchairs of up to 150kg, including the passenger.
  • Height and width adjustable sliding hooks for the adaptation of convention wheelchair models.
  • Adjustable headrest.
  • Minimum operating space of 98cm x 98cm.
  • Battery charge gauges.
  • Range of ascent in excess of 23 floors.
  • Signal for status of battery charge.
  • Ability to ascend and descend steps of up to 18 cm.
  • Ascent speed of 5m per minute.
  • Detachable steering column eliminating the need for tools.
  • Adjustable safety belt.
  • Key-operated switch to ensure it is only used by authorized personnel.
  • Emergency STOP button.
  • Safety lever for locking and unlocking the steering column on the mechanism’s chassis.
  • Automatic device for inserting the brake.
  • Separate buttons for activating the ascent and descent, located on the steering column.
  • Antiskid rubber belts that leave no marks.
  • Automatic safety device to release the braking system in the event the pull chain snaps on the staircase.
  • Luminous angle indicator to ensure maximum safety when performing maneuvers on the staircase.
  • One year warranty (against defects and components).
  • Technical support in Brazil.
  • Maximum stair gradient: 35°.
  • POWER: 24 V, using 2 maintenance-free 12 V-12 Ah dry cell batteries connected in series.
Tecnical information table
Color Blue RAL 5015
Weight 47 kg
Power 24v with 2 12v batteries 
Motorization 24v - 500w motor
Speed (fully laden) 5m / minute
Range 23 storeys
Inclination 35°
Maximum load 150 kg
Minimum operating room between 970mm and 1100mm
Minimum stair widh 820mm