LFK Stair Climber

The completely integrated mobility solution
Do you want more freedom inside and outside the home?
The Liftkar PT provides more freedom of movement to people with reduced mobility.
With two armrests and a comfortable seat, this Stair Climber is extremely adroit.

Liftkar PT

This model is the one most recommended to tackle very steep and spiral staircases. The occupant can maintain a relaxed posture with his/her back in an agreeable (upright) position during the journey.

Let the Liftkar do all the work
No physical effort is required as the Stair Climber remains balanced while the occupant holds a crossbar with one hand and the up/down switch with the other.

Take the Stair climber with you
The Liftkar can be very easily disassembled in three parts (motor, steering column and battery). In this way, you can transport your Stair climber without any problem, loading it in the trunk of the car so it can go everywhere you go.

Tecnical Information
  • Minimum Staircase Width: 80 cm
  • Maximum Step Height: 20 cm
  • Maximum Load: 130kg
  • Range: 300 to 500 steps
  • Two switches for going up/down
  • Ergonomic Handlebar
  • Inclination Indicator
  • Clear and Simple Control Panel
  • Solid wheel brakes
  • Easily disassembled
  • No physical effort required
  • Adjustable Safety Belt
  • Three ascent and descent speeds
Tecnical information table
Color Blue and Grey
Weight 30.5kg
Power 24V (2 batteries) BIVOLT recharger
Speed 10 to 18 steps/minute
Range 300 to 500 steps
Maximum Load 130 Kg
Minimum Load (STAIRCASE) 80cm
Maximum Height (STEP) 20 cm